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Summer Dance Camps

Trolls summer camp.png

 We can't stop the feeling of excitement for our first summer camp! Celebrate a week of hip hop, jazz and acro dance and let your true colors shine! Make colorful Troll themed crafts and have that hair up with exciting games and activities. This high energy camp is perfect, perfect, perfect for your 3-6 year old dancer! 

Drop everything now because this iconic dance camp is SPARKLING! If you love to dance, sing (karaoke) and perform with your dance besties, you will have a blast shaking it off as you launch into an era of fearless fun and fame! The glitter and glam will be off the charts, and your jazz and hip hop dancing will never go out of style! Are you ready for it? Baby, just say yes to this bejeweled summer fun, and get ready to make the whole place shimmer!

In my elevate era camp.png
Olympic dance camp.png

Let's pretend we are in Paris right at the action of the 2024 Summer Olympics! Dancers will learn one of the newest olympic sports, breaking (break dance), along with brushing up on their tumbling and limbering skills of acro dance. This will be 4 days worth of dance, crafts, games and activities that'll have dancers prepping for those gold medals. Go team USA!

What do you get when you mix a sweet & sassy sleepover with a dreamy dance party? Pink Pajama Party: Dancing in My Dreams! Grab your pinkest PJs and your dreamiest doll for this dazzling jazz, hip hop and ballet dance camp. From delightful games and glittery crafts to enchanted dreams and pinktastic parties, tiny dancers will make magical memories with their fancy friends doing alllll things slumber party! If your dancer loves Barbie, this will be the dance camp of their dreams!

Barbie PJ camp.png
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